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ISPE was founded in 1970 for the distribution of high quality handknitting yarns in the Italian market.

The experience gained from the collaboration with our customers, gave us the opportunity to start off a new business in producing fancy yarns (some of them under trade mark TM like Caucciù yarn, Stringhetta similpelle, Wool pumule).

Thanks to the new ideas, ISPE is known as one of the most creative Italian companies in the handknitting textile field.

Nowadays ISPE is operating in two different ways such as in the:

  • production and distribution in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal of different lines of products under ISPE trade mark;
  • production of special handknitting yarns in exclusive for leading textile groups.

Our experience, creativity and technology give us the opportunity to offer our production lines to other textile groups that want to develop new high fancy handknitting yarns for their markets.


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